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July 10, 2019


Blankets, quilts, swaddles, wraps and sleeping bags! We’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to keeping baby cosy in the cooler months, but with so many options available, many parents find making a purchase overwhelming.

Let’s take some of the guess work out of shopping for your little one this winter by answering some of the most commonly asked questions.


How do I know which fabric is right for us?

There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to baby swaddles and blankets, all with different qualities so you can select according to season and your baby’s needs. Fabric choices need to wash well and be durable, as well as being breathable to stop over-heating.

*100% cotton is the first choice for many parents. Cotton is a natural fabric and has the benefits of being moisture controlling, a good insulator and being soft as well as durable.  There’s a diverse range of products available in it for this reason- everything from bedding, knit blankets, soft toys, swaddles and wraps. It’s a premium choice and will last for years to come.

*Cotton Jersey has become very popular recently for its ability to stretch well while retaining its shape. An excellent choice for swaddles and wraps as it allows bub to wriggle a little while still feeling secure. Cotton Jersey also makes the job of swaddling much easier to master with extra fabric and extra stretch to work with. It’s touchably soft and suitable for all year round.

Reversible Jersey Cot Comforter - Dream Big $59.95

*Muslin is ideal for warm climates – while still practical enough to be used in winter. It’s perfect for layering as it’s breathable, soft and lightweight. Muslin wraps are extremely versatile and when not used for swaddling can be used as a stroller or breast-feeding cover, a burp cloth or an extra layer for bedding.

*Bamboo/Rayon- used for its gentle feel, this fabric is classified between a natural and a synthetic. This is due to the extensive chemical process it must undergo to convert it to a usable fibre. Although the finished product is very soft, the chemicals used may irritate allergies for sensitive bubs. We recommend 100% cotton for sensitive skin.

To swaddle or not to swaddle?

After months cocooned in the womb, wrapping baby tightly in a soft covering can help them feel comforted and secure. Swaddles are designed to keep baby warm and feeling safe, and in the first three months it can help to stop their startle reflex from waking them, contributing to a more peaceful sleep. This is why swaddling is recommended by many early childhood professionals- however it is always advised that you take your individual baby’s needs into consideration.

If swaddling seems a little daunting, Zip Up swaddles make an easy alternative. We love a two-way zip function for easy night-time nappy changing. A looser designed swaddle around the hips and legs means less risk of hip dysplasia while still keeping bub feeling secure.

What do we need when we take bub out in winter?

Sherpa blankets make a perfect choice for outings in winter as a stroller blanket or an addition to a portacot. Lined with snuggly Sherpa, the cable knit blanket will ensure bub is cosy and the smaller size means no excess fabric to get tangled in or lug around when not in use.

What does TOG mean?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’. It’s used to measure the thermal resistance of a fabric, usually a sleeping bag, and is designed to indicate how warm a fabric will be. A 0.2 sleep bag is considered to be the lightest, working our way up to 3.0 as the warmest.

Traditionally a 2.5 to 3.0 is a winter weight bag, however there are a few factors worth considering before purchasing on season alone.

Room temperature in your nursery is important- If your nursery is quite warm using a winter weight bag could overheat baby. Also, look at the layers of clothing your bub sleeps in- if they are snug already, a winter weight bag may not be required.

Every child is different so using your common sense to check their temperature is comfortable will always be better than trusting a TOG alone.

How do I know if my baby is too hot or too cold?

Feeling baby’s torso is the best if you are unsure as little hands and feet are still developing and tend to run a bit cooler. We recommend using light layers with clothing or blankets for sleep time - this way you can remove a layer if bub is showing signs of being too warm. For this reason, Cell Blankets have been a favourite in hospitals for many years as they let excess heat escape, which means they have the ability to help baby regulate their body temperature.

We love 100% Organic Cotton Cell Blankets for their breathability and their extra gentle feel against baby skin.

With all the beautiful choices available for parents today, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy snuggle time with your little one this winter!

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