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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I buy Living Textiles Baby and Lolli Living products? 

A: Visit Where To Buy page for the list of retail stores in that stock our products.

2. What is the TOG rating? 

A: The TOG rating describes the warmth or “thermal resistance” of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK and Europe to describe warmth levels of duvets, blankets and sleep sacks. The higher the TOG rating, the greater the warmth is. Health professionals recommend that baby sleep sacks should be of a low TOG rating. TOG values need to conform to British Standard BS4745:1990 which is the method for determination of thermal resistance of textiles. All Living Textiles Baby sleep sacks and bedding are tested to ensure that they conform to this standard.

3. How should I wash Living Textiles Baby and Lolli Living products? 

A: Most of our products are machine washable, however, please read and follow our washing instructions carefully for each product and avoid soaking or using bleaching agents (chlorine or non-chlorine bleach).

4. What type of fabric is the best for kids bedding? 

A: We believe 100% quality cotton is the best fabric for babies and children as it causes less irritation to your baby's delicate skin, offers breathability, absorption, natural softness and smoothness. A good way of judging the quality of the cotton is by feeling it - good-quality cotton has a smooth and buttery feel.

5. I purchased Living Textiles Baby or Lolli Living product from one of the baby shops. Can I return it to you? 

A: No. Please take the products back to the store you purchased from.

6. What are the payment options when I order online?

A: We accept payments through all major credit cards. If you have any problems with your payment, please call us at 02 9743 4892
We are open Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 4.30PM EST(or UTC/ GMT + 11 hours). We will be closed all Australian public holidays.

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