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Does the Product Pass Our Premium Quality Test?

At Living Textiles Baby we only want the absolute best for your most prized possession…your child. We know that they will delight in our exciting products and hope that each one works towards creating the perfect environment for them to grow, play and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Only the best fabrics, construction and finishes have been chosen for your child including:

Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional or somewhere in between, you will find ‘that perfect something’ from our broad range of designs. At Living Textiles Baby we have created these products to ensure that your child is catered for – every step of the way. Everything in the Living Textiles Baby range has been carefully overseen, from concept and design right through to the production phase.

100% Cotton

Your new baby will spend most of its time playing and sleeping in their crib and this is why we believe you should have good quality bedding. As a new mom, you will want your bub to enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.  Leading pediatricians and experienced moms always recommend babies sleep in premium quality cotton bedding as it has a high level of ventilation and absorption which ultimately ensures more comfort than synthetic bedding such as polyester. 

LIV-TEX™ TECHNOLOGY - An Australian First

At Living Textiles Baby, we have developed production methods so unique and so advanced, we simply call them - LIV-TEX™ Technology.

Our products are exceptional in that we design and manufacture our entire range of baby linens, clothing and nursery accessories, from concept through to the finished product. Each item is custom designed to suit the function of the product and put through our rigorous testing process to ensure its quality, safety and durability are second to none.

To ensure the finished product is of premium quality and safety, we introduced the LIV-TEX™ Technology which includes a 5 point quality control process. The Living Textiles Baby Quality Assurance team checks every fabric, seam and stitch that is produced in our factory. This is done to ensure that only the best products reach your home. Believe it or not, our products are even scanned through a metal detector to ensure that nothing has broken off our machinery during production!


Easy Care 

As any new mom will tell you, life is a little busier now that a new baby has come along! At Living Textiles Baby, we understand this better than anyone and have tried our hardest to make things a little less stressful for you by creating products that are really easy to clean and maintain. 

Most of our cotton products are machine washable, but for more specific care instructions, just look at our easy to read labels on each individual product. Make sure you avoid soaking or using bleaching agents (chlorine or non-chlorine bleach). 

Contemporary and traditional designs

All of our unique and creative designs are put together by our in-house design team. These designers are handpicked for their creative flair and natural talent, and then they travel extensively around the world to watch and follow international and local fashion trends. They then try to bring back the best of the styles from overseas and make it relevant to everyone’s home, ultimately providing nursery collections second to none.

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